Golf at Bonalba, December 7, 2015.


It was a day like many in December.  It started a bit cool, but by the time we teed off, it  was a beautiful day.  We had 5  flights of golfers, a total of 19 players.

Dieter decided it was a „good idea“ to give the assignment of writing the summary of the day of golf to „The American.“  Since I really don’t know how everyone played, here is my recap!!

  1. Every player, at one time during the day, was even par for their round; a score that professional golfers can be pleased with.  Unfortunately, for ALL of us, that only lasted until the end of our first hole.  (My apologies to anyone who actually parred number 1).
  2. There were many excellent shots hit by all players.  In fact, every shot each of us hit, was excellent for a good portion of the the distance that the ball travelled.  Unfortunately, it is alway the last part of the balls travel that causes all the Problems.
  3. Each of us also hit many putts.  Some went in, some did not.  (Heinz made one on 18 that cost me 20 Euros!!)  But if one of your putts would have gone in if you had not left it just barely short of the hole, remember the words of the great player Lee Trevino, who said „90% of all putts hit short, do not go in.“
  4. Remember this the next time you have a REALLY bad score on a hole and one of your friends asks you a question like „how in the world did you make a 12 on hole number 5“?  Give them the answer the great Arnold Palmer gave a news reporter at the 1961 Los Angeles Open:  „I missed my putt for an 11.“  (True story, he really made a 12 and he really did say that).
  5. And lastly, when you play your next round, always remember the advice of one of the greatest players of all time, the great Ben Hogan.  „The most important shot you hit all day in a round of golf is……………………………the next one.“
Mickey M.

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