La Galiana am 25.01.2018


über den Wolken, morgens um 10h

Barbara and Peter said it is time for “Señor Americano” to write the review of our great day at La Galiana. So, here goes!!

We had 32 players. The weather was very good (lucky, as it will not be this weekend). We welcomed Erika, a guest of Franz.  There were MANY excellent shots hit by many players (and a few bad ones).  But as the great golf instructor Dave Pelz says, „ALWAYS remember your good shots and made putts, but NEVER remember your bad ones“!!

My vote for “shot of the day” was Dieter’s on #3 to 1 meter for an easy birdie.  He also hit it to 1 meter on number 5, but remember, we only remember our made putts!!

We celebrated with drinks on the picturesque patio as we all told stories of our excellent shots!!  A special thanks to Egon for buying everyone a drink as the sun was setting.  And as always, thanks to Barbara and Peter for all their organization of our Thursday golf days.

And after nearly a year, this weekend Tiger Woods is making his return to the PGA schedule.  The big question is not whether he will win.  It is whether he will even make the cut?  My vote is yes.  What is yours?

Greetings to all and see you next Thursday at Alicante GC.


Die Gewinner:

brutto                               Mickey M.   

1. netto                            Dieter H.

2. netto                            Werner K.

3. netto                            Ralph. H.

 Birdies:  Dieter H., Klaus Th., Werner K. und Mickey M. je 2

Sonderpreis: Georg H.

Hier geht es zum Bilderbuch


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